Conflict of interest; 1 year professional disqualification

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Defendant has been ruled guilty of a conflict of interest by the Disciplinary Commission. Defendant was employed as a financial advisor by a bank, in which position he advised a client of the bank. However, defendant privately took out a loan from the bank’s client to buy himself a house. Defendant used the bank’s systems to transfer the necessary funds from the client’s account to the account of the selling party. When the transaction was flagged by the bank and refused, defendant tried to cover up his actions. The Disciplinary Commission ruled that the employee’s actions were in violation of internal rules of the bank and a breach of the Banker’s oath. As a result, the Commission sanctioned the – now former – bank employee to a 1 year professional disqualification.

In its preliminary findings, the Disciplinary Commission also stated that any internal investigative reports from the bank and presented to the Commission should not be anonymized.