About the Foundation for Banking Ethics Enforcement

Welcome to the website of the independent Foundation for Banking Ethics Enforcement (FBEE). The foundation facilitates the world’s first disciplinary board for bankers rooted in law. The board enforces the ethical Code of Conduct for the Dutch banking banking enshrined in the Banker’s Oath.

The goal is to purge the financial sector of transgressors through disciplinary action.

Since April 1 2015, approximately 66,000 employees working in the Dutch banking sector are obliged by law to take the Banker’s Oath. At the heart of this oath lies the Code of Conduct. Oath takers who break one of the rules enshrined in the code can be persecuted by the Disciplinary Commission of the FBEE.

Disciplinary sanctions range from reprimands to severe fines – up to a maximum of €25,000 – and/or a three year moratorium on working anywhere in the Dutch banking sector.

Anyone can file a complaint against a banker suspected of breaking a rule in the Code of Conduct. This must always be done by using the form on this website. To start the filing process, please go here.