How does filing a report work?


Before you start

This website allows you to report a breach of the Code of Conduct. Before you start, it is important to know which kinds of reports can be taken into consideration by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Foundation.  For this reason we would like to explain the procedure and the minimum requirements for your report.


What can you report?

  • Matters that pertain to breaches of the Code of Conduct inshrined in the Banker’s Oath
  • The Banker’s Oath only applies to persons who have taken it in ceremony and who have signed the declaration
  • An incident that took place after April 1, 2015, when the law regarding the Banker’s Oath went into effect



What can you not report?

  • Reports about persons who have not sworn to the Banker’s Oath
  • In case you wish financial compensation. We have no mandate for this; we refer you to the Kifid foundation or a civil court

Tips for a successful report

  • If possible, provide the name and name of the bank of the sworn individual you wish to file a report about
  • Any and all written correspondence between you and the sworn individual and/or the bank the person works for, regarding the incident


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