About the Banker's Oath

Below is the text of the legally required Banker’s Oath, taken by the approximately 66.000 bank employees in The Netherlands. Aside from personally signing the oath’s form, employees committed themselves personally by participating in a special ceremony arranged by their employers. Those who commit themselves to the oath also adhere to the Code of Conduct.

I swear / promise that, within the boundaries of my function in the banking sector, I will:

  • Execute my function ethically and with care;
  • Draw a careful balance between the interests of all parties associated with the business, being the customers, shareholders, employees and the society in which the business operates;
  • When drawing that balance, making the customer’s interests central;
  • Will comply with the laws, regulations and codes that apply to me;
  • Will keep confidential that which has been entrusted to me;
  • Will not abuse my knowledge;
  • Will act openly and accountably, knowing my responsibility to society;
  • Will make every effort to improve and retain trust in the financial sector.

So help me God! / This I pledge and promise!

The Code of Conduct is enshrined in the Banker’s Oath.