Access to credit files 2; reprimand

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The case relates to an earlier complaint which was dismissed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Complainant filed for redress, which was granted, after which the case was brought before the Disciplinary Commission. It is related to case ‘Access to credit files 1’ as it involves the same complainant.

Complainant accuses defendant of negligence in  providing complainant with information related to complainant’s repeated requests for access to papers in connection with complainant’s credit files at the bank. In all, the Disciplinary Commission found that defendant had not been pro-active enough in both searching for information within the bank and also not forthcoming enough in providing information to complainant. The Commission ruled that defendant had not made the customer’s interests central, a tenet of the Banker’s Oath. Thus, defendant breached the Disciplinary Code and was sanctioned with a reprimand.