What can you report?

You may only file reports on matters that pertain to breaches of the Code of Conduct inshrined in the Banker's Oath. Approximately 87.000 professionals in the financial sector have taken this oath which is obligated by law and went into effect on April 1, 2015. Banks had one year, so until April 1 2016, to have their employees take the oath.

The Banker's Oath only applies to persons who have taken it in ceremony and who have signed the declaration.

As a result of the law going into effect on April 1, 2015, any incidents that took place before that date will not be taken into consideration by the Prosecutor's Office.

In case you wish to file a report, it is imperative that you can demonstratie that a sworn bank professional has violated the Code of Conduct. Click here to read the code.

You can only report violations by sworn individuals. Should you seek financial compensation for damages allegedly incurred by a bank or other financial institution, you may contact the Kifid complaints institute or a court of law.

We have made an insightful overview of the reporting procedure.

Click here to view a diagram of the reporting process.