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Legislation places several conditions on disciplinary proceedings. Consequently, we cannot process every report that is made. In order to prevent disappointment, we would like to begin by posing some relevant questions to you.

When we receive a report, our prosecution office always starts an investigation. Please be aware that we take each report very seriously. If you are in doubt whether you can or should file a report, please contact us here.

Does your report involve a specific individual?

You can only make a report if an individual has violated the Banker’s Oath. For this reason, it is important that you at least know the first name and surname of the individual and the name of the organisation at which he or she works or has worked.

Does your report involve the behaviour of a specific individual?

The Banker’s Oath only concerns the behaviour of individuals. If you are of the opinion that a financial institution has violated the rules, then please contact the Kifid at

Did this behaviour take place after 1 April 2015?

The Banker’s Oath came into force on 1 April 2015. The Ethics Committee may only deal with behavioural violations that took place on or after this date.

Was the individual in question in the employment of a bank with an office in the Netherlands at the time?

The Banker’s Oath only applies to individuals who have taken the oath in the Netherlands and who are employed at an organisation that is based in the Netherlands.

Are you seeking financial compensation?

The Foundation for Banking Ethics Enforcement cannot obtain financial compensation. In the Netherlands, financial compensation may be sought through civil court.

Has the person you want to report violated at least one of the rules of conduct of the Banker's oath?

A person about whom you wish to make a report must have broken at least one of the following rules of conduct in the Banker’s Oath. You can find the rules of conduct here.